Times have changed, and along with it, so did the advancement in technology.

Not only did it help make complex electronics affordable to the common people, but also proved to be of great service to its users. All this comes to shine again because of a single thought that occurred to three simple guys with an eye out for the best IP camera.

The quest was long and it was a struggle.

Because of the way the free market today is constructed and formed, every company looks out for themselves, as they should, because of competition. They all market their products as ‘the best’ but as the main interest is their own company, the consumer’s interest for the best is actually lost, and in most cases the consumer gets the short end of the stick…

It was three of us who wanted to introduce to the world and others like us an IP camera with excellent features and great capabilities, and not be biased by any company.

We, the founders of observeye.com, created this website as a platform, to make the IP cameras reachable to one and all. These products are sold all over the world and are available for everyone who has a requirement. We accompanied the information on the technology, and we will continue to do so.

After great research, we found “Foscam” to be the best brand with the ultimate IP cameras with unique and utmost useful features, which a common average guy would need.

Foscam provides both Indoor as well as Outdoor Wireless IP Cameras, which are designed to deliver live video and audio to your personal computers over the local network or Internet via a web browser, smartphones or third party video recording software. With their stylish and compact designs, Foscam Wireless IP cameras allow you to remotely monitor your residence, your loved ones, and your place of work.

Observeye.com promises to hold itself to its core value to keep a watchful and an observant eye for next best thing in this niche and bring to the costumer the best there is in the market.

Observeye.com is, and will continue to be, a treasure chest for people in search for the best IP Cameras and works with a motive to continue providing next best IP cameras.