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How can I get My SSID Name, Security Type, Authentication, Encryption Technique and Pre Shared Key Info?

Firstly, Log in to your router by entering the router’s IP address into your browser's URL field. Secondly, look under the wireless section of your router and click on "Channel SSID." Make a note of the SSID name, thirdly, click on the word ’Security’, make a note of the Security Type, Authentication, Encryption Technique and the (PSK)Pr-Shared Key

How should I Login to the Camera?

Type ‘admin’ for the user and Leave the password blank. Click the “Login” button

How to I Set the Wireless connection From N To BG?

Enter the IP address of your router and login to your wireless router. The next step is to enter your username and password. Beneath the Wireless settings options you will find, ‘Wireless mode’ or ‘Wireless Channels’ set that option to ‘802.11g & 802.11b’ or ‘802.11b/g’ Once this is done, restart the router, restart the camera and wait for 45 seconds and it should work

I am finding it difficult to Load The Software From The Website - I need help?

You must use the IP CameraSetup.rar while downloading from the website. You need to have WinRar installed on your computer. To install WinRar, go to www.rarlab.com/.

I am finding it difficult to Open The Camera - I need help?

To open the camera, Double Click on IP Camera Tools , then double click on the camera’s IP address OR enter in your browser the cameras IP address http://

I am unable to change The Port Setting- How do I do it?

Click on “IP Camera Tools” and left click the IP address once. Right click on the IP address. Click ‘Network Configuration’ and change the number in "Http Port" to any number (i.e. 8081). Press OK. Then change the ports on your router by logging into your router. Go to ‘Virtual Server’ or ‘Port Forwarding’ and change the inbound port and the outbound port to the same number you set the cameras port (for example: 8081).

I am unable to Connect to the Internet, What Should I Do?

Make sure your camera’s IP address is the same. Also try altering the port numbers.

I could not get the wireless to work in spite of trying the previous procedure. What do I do?

Installation of the latest firmware will help you

I do not have my Router’s IP Address - How do I get it?

You can recover your Routers IP Address from IP Camera Tool software

STEP1:  Double Click on your IP Camera Tool Icon
STEP2: Left click on your Camera’s IP address
STEP3: Right click on it and choose ‘Network Configuration’
STEP4: The ‘Gateway’ number is your router IP address (make a note of it) OR
1. Go through a list of default router IP addresses, usernames and passwords
a) Google search for “default router IP addresses”
b) Click on the PDF titled “List of default Router Admin Passwords and Default Router IP” at: http://www.answersthatwork.com/Download_Area/ATW_Library/Networking/Network__4-List_of_default_Router_Admin_Passwords_and_IP_addresses.pdf
c) Go to ‘find’ and type in the router’s brand name

Installation of the Firmware - How is it done?

Go to the home page of the website (www.observeye.us) and look under the ‘Tools & Support ‘section. Download the FI8908.FI8908W.rar file. Extract it using winrar. This will give you a bin file. The camera is connected via Ethernet cable and powered on. Open IP Camera Tools and right click on your camera. Select ‘Upgrade Firmware’. Then select Upgrade system Firmware. Click on the bin file that you extracted and click on ok. Your firmware should be updated. Shut down the camera and restart it. Wait 45 seconds. Restart IP camera Tools and it should work wirelessly.

The IR LEDs do not Work- I need help?

Ensure that the IR LED "on" button is pressed as depicted in the image on the support page. 

The return policy of the observeye.com - How does it work?

You can view the observeye.com  return policy here: www.observeye.com/return-policy.html

The Screen is Black in color with An ’x’ , When I Go To ‘Live Video’ Why is that happening?

If you are using Internet Explorer, the above tends to happen. Change your browser to Firefox of Google Chrome

The Wireless does not Work, I need help?

Set your wireless to ‘BG’ not ‘N’

When I open the Camera, The Camera’s IP Address Does Not Appear in its place I get ‘Subnet Doesn’t Match’ what should I Do?

If “subnet doesn’t match” appears on screen, double click on it and check the box ’Obtain IP from DHCP server’ then click on OK

When I open The Camera, The IP Address Does Not Appear Instead I Get ’not found IP Server’ What is the solution?

Ensure that you check the internet connection and the router cable modem is in accurately functioning. 

Which Login Button Do I Press?

The first Login button should be pressed if internet Explorer or other browsers are used and
The second Login button should be pressed if Firefox, or Google Chrome is being used.