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Access your IP camera remotely via your smart phone


View, monitor and record live footage from your IP camera on the go, wherever you are...

Uncertainty have caused everyone to be more concerned about our home and property safety. Every day, when you leave for your office, you must be thinking all the time about your home if everything is alright there or not. Thanks to IP cameras this is no more the case.


With IP cameras employed at your property, you can keep an eye on what is happening in your concerned area. Many people think that there is no use of IP cameras as they cannot keep check on it while they are on the go. But as a matter of fact, now days IP cameras present an added advantage of remote access via any internet activated device including smart phones.


Whether you use Blackberry, iPhone or Android, you can use it to stay updated all the time. For all types of smartphones, there are certain apps available (Both free and paid), that makes it easy for you to access your IP camera remotely. Here we lost a few:


IP Camera Access Apps for Android:


Megapixel IP Camera Viewer


This is a free Android app available at Google play store. With this application, you can remotely access 1.5, 2 and 3 megapixel cameras. Not only you can access IP camera, you can also use touch screen or trackball to digitally zoom or pan the image.  It also allows you to record and share the video. The app also features a push notification that uses alarm or motion detection feature of camera and keeps you alert as far as your Android smartphone is connected to the internet.


The other android apps used for remote access of IP cameras include IP Cam Viewer Lite and IP Cam Viewer Pro.


Download Megapixel IP camera Viewer


IP Camera Access Apps for iPhone:



FoscamViewer is the paid iPhone app used to access IP camera remotely. The app is very reasonably priced ($4.99) and offers quite good features. With this app, you can control up to four cameras worldwide, arm or disarm motion detection, set scheduler, setup view mode and perform many other functions via 3G or Wi-Fi connection.


The other recommended IP camera access apps for iPhone are Foscam Surveillance Pro and Smart Control Foscam Edition.


Download FoscamViewer


IP Camera Access Apps for BlackBerry


Total Control:

Total control is a bit expensive but quite useful app used to access IP camera on Blackberry. The good thing about this app is it has no annual or monthly subscription fee. This app supports IP cameras from about 95 manufacturers. It allows image adjustment via pan, tilt and zoom.  The app allows you to change IP address for remote or internal use. It also supports JPG and MPEG codecs.


Download Total Control.


With any of these apps, be sure about the safety of your home and save your family from all sorts of undesirable incidences. After all your family is all you got...