Setting up Multi-Device – See up to 9 of your Cameras on one Screen

This is the guide on setting up your IP Cameras to be able to see more than one of your cameras at a time.

Must Read: Before we even get to step one, you must first understand that the only way to view multiple cameras is if you use Internet Explorer, no other browser supports multi-devices yet. And you will also need to enable ActiveX Controls, normally Internet Explorer will prompt you to enable it if it is not already enabled. If you still have problems with ActiveX Controls, please check out our guide on ActiveX Controls by clicking here.

1) First Log into your camera and goto “For Administrator” and then “Multi-Device Settings”

2) Select “The 2nd Device” and input an Alias if you like, the Host which should be the IP of the other camera, and the Port will be the port of your other camera.

3) Put in the Username and Password for the camera you are adding and press submit.

4) You can press back (in the bottom left corner) to go back to viewing your camera, and then you can press ‘For Visitor’ and select the interface for 1, 4, or 9 Cameras.

And that is it, if you have any more cameras you can just repeat step 2 and 3 again with the new cameras info.


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