Setting up DynDns – Make Your Routers External IP Static

This is the guide on setting up your wireless router to maintain a static external IP address using the Please note, DynDNS is no longer free. Thus, we now recommend using NO-IP.COM for free DDNS service. Please use the following guide to setup your DDNS settings using NO-IP.COM:
How to set up for your Dynamic IP address

In order to set up DynDns on your camera, do the following:

1) Goto the DynDns Website and start by setting up a Free Domain Name

2) Make sure to record your Username, Password, and the Hostname you have selected.

3) Now log in to your camera; if you are using Internet Explorer, click on For Administrator tab, if you are using Firefox click on the Device Management tab.

4) Then Select DDNS Service Settings and under DDNS Service select

5) Plugin your information accordingly and submit.

Your router should now maintain a static external IP address, which will be your hostname ( If you have already followed our port forwarding guide you can test this by typing in your hostname into the browser and adding your cameras respective port at the end to access it.


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