Foscam Email Motion Detection Picture Alerts

This guide will assist you in setting up your Foscam IP Camera to send pictures to your Email.

1) First log in to your camera; then, if you are using Internet Explorer, click on the For Administrator tab. If you are using Firefox then click on the Device Management tab.

2) Then Select Mail Service Settings on the left side panel.

3) Here you need to input your SMTP information including username, password and SMTP server. Most ISP’s such as AOL and Roadrunner will provide you with this, however if they do not you will have to seek a 3rd party company to supply you with one. (Note: GMX, Gmail and Hotmail will not work). Then enter the sender and receiver Email address. See below for an example.

4) Click submit before you click test.

5) Now, in order to get your Motion Detection to start working you will need to log into your camera again and goto Alarm Service Settings and check the box for Motion Detect Armed.


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