Installing Foscam IP Cameras on an Apple Mac (Macintosh) Solution

This solution to install your Foscam IP Camera on an Apple Mac comes from one of our customers, John B. We’d like to thank him for this unique Apple Macintosh Foscam Camera Install Contribution as well as for choosing to go with as his IP video solutions provider.

An easy way to install and configure a Foscam IP camera using an Apple Mac is to use IP Scanner 2.5 (
click here to download
). IP Scanner is a free tool by an independent publisher (10base-t Interactive: that will help you install your Foscam IP Camera using your Apple Mac.

1) Install the program
2) Run the program and it automatically displays all the network ip devices running including the Foscam camera which will be listed as “unidentified hidden device”. It will give you the IP addresses and you can then plug that ip address (e.g., into your browser.

Play around with different browsers and notice more options in Internet Explorer.

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