How to configure your Ocli indoor/outdoor camera using a computer

1. Connect the Camera directly to the power and to your router using an Ethernet cable.
2. Download the camera finder application in your computer - Click here for Windows - Click here for Mac
3. Install the camera finder application to your computer.
4. Open the camera finder application by double clicking the camera finder icon on your desktop

5. Click on the cameras IP address and then click “Open”.
6. The camera will now open up in the browser and will prompt to enter the user name and password. The default user name is “admin” and the password is “888888”.
7. In the camera login page please select the sign in method according to the browser used. Once you click on login the camera will prompt you to install the active x components. Please click install and login back again to the camera.
8. The camera page will now load in the browser.
9. Click on the settings icon. You can now set up the camera to work on your Wifi network.
10. Click on “network Settings” and select “Wifi settings”. Click “Scan” to find your wifi network. Select youe network name from the list and enter your Wifi password on Share key.

Click Submit and the camera will reboot. After 30 seconds you can disconnect the camera from the router.
Close the browser and open the camera again using the camera finder tool.

Call our support line 18886636726 (Toll free) for more help with the set up.